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Success Stories

This is just a sampling of our clients who have made the decision they wanted to go Beyond Inflammation to achieve the dreams of a lifetime!

Glenn Lombardi

Lowered inflammation marker by 97.5% - “The most dramatic benefit I’ve received from BI became clear after my 3 month and 6 month blood work. Before starting BI  my CRP (a measure of inflammation) was 10 times higher than it should have been. After only 90 days of following BI , it dropped to normal levels.”

Garry Nowakowski

“When I began almost immediately my waist, weight, and blood sugar improved to levels that I thought were no longer possible. I have a very active role in my business, as well as my active role with my family. I now have the energy necessary to function at a very high level throughout the day. My diabetes has been reversed and my health is continuing to improve. I lost 8 inches of inflammation around my waist and weigh only 178 pounds versus the 200+ I weighed before I started. I no longer have to take insulin.”

Curline West

“I have been on every diet imaginable with short term success. Since starting BI , I have lost 8 inches around my waist and 35 pounds, but more importantly I have regained my youthful energy physically and feel more clarity mentally than I have in years.”

Billy Cannon

“I have lost in excess of 125 pounds, but more importantly I reduced my waist by 25 inches. I no longer have to purchase 2 seats on my flights. My mental clarity has never been better.”

Craig Bowen

“I had absolutely no control of my diabetes and had trouble just walking down the fairways. I am now able to walk without any pain. Before, I had tried suggestions from the “experts” to no avail. My daily interaction with a personal diabetes dietitian has turned my entire life from sick to getting better.”

Al Ronan

“I lost over 45 pounds and 12 inches of inflammation. I was eating out of control and I had no way of stopping it. This solution fixed my cravings and allowed me to take back control over what I was eating and my health.”

Duke Heller

“My physical strength as well as brain strength improved dramatically. I am less inflamed and feel younger by many years.”

Michael O'Neal

“Within months it seems that I had lost approximately 50 pounds. I addition to that I have had a significant drop in A1C and my waist measurements dropped to the point that I am wearing a size 36 pants.”

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