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Beyond Inflammation!

Understand the 'Why'...

Overeating and not exercising is not the problem. Under-eating and exercising are not the solution. It's not your fault you are overweight, diabetic or on medications.

Inches around the waistline cause chronic INFLAMMATION throughout the body. Over consumption of sugars and carbohydrates feeds this INFLAMMATION, and without intervention, this path ultimately leads to heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic conditions.   This same INFLAMMATION affects your brain as well, commonly causing impatience, mood swings and difficulty focusing.  By significantly reducing this INFLAMMATION, both around the waist and throughout the body, our patented method is proven to reduce the negative effects of INFLAMMATION easily and successfully.  


Introducing the Beyond Inflammation difference

Unlike common diets, our solution is patented and addresses the emotional cravings caused by the addiction to processed sugars and excess carbohydrates. With small tweaks to your current food habits, you will eat less naturally, not because you are being told what to eat but because you are satisfied and never hungry. You are ending the cravings and addictions that have plagued you in the past. When you are hungry, you can eat a meal of your choice, in between the meals, we will suggest natural foods to keep your blood sugar in perfect balance.

Our priorities are to:

  • Significantly lessen the addiction

  • Reduce total body inflammation

  • Provide daily support with a dietician

  • Help you stay on track with our easy-to-follow methods

By controlling blood sugar you will reduce total body inflammation, melting away pounds, inches, cravings, brain fog, and putting your brain and body on the course to your true self. 

Key Program Features


Recognized for our proprietary algorithm, TAM is designed uniquely for you, unlike any other program.


Your personal dietician is available on a daily basis to:

  • Provide guidance on your food entries

  • Support you in conversations with your medical team.


You have access to our mobile app for:

  • Daily nutrition logging

  • Weekly tracking of waist/weight

  • Medication tracking

  • Insulin tracking

Regular blood testing.

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