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Are you dealing with health issues that stop you from pursuing the very things in life you love? Despite the guidance of experts, have you been led down the wrong path time and time again? Then this lecture is for you. Dr. Patrick Angelo, a renowned research expert, corporate leader and award-winning philanthropist will share his patented blueprint to beat inflammation and recapture vitality. If you are struggling with your weight, specifically around your waist, it is chronic inflammation. Inflammation is the culprit and is eroding your physical and mental health. It's draining your longevity. You have but one body and one brain. Invest in a new strategy to defeat inflammation. 

Spend the morning with a group of your peers and listen to Dr. Angelo connect all of the dots for a straight forward common sense way to beat inflammation living the life you deserve. RSVP now to learn how to live an un-inflamed way of life. There is no obligation, but if you learned something new, after the presentation we would suggest a $79 donation to the Angel of Lower Wacker Drive Fund. Click here to learn more about the Angel of Lower Wacker.

No upcoming events at the moment
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